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Beachside Developments

Have a block close by to the beach?

Building on absolute beachfront can be a challenging and complex task, requiring extensive knowledge of extreme coastal conditions and affectation on building products.

Any building within 50 metres of breaking surf is exposed to high saltation and exposure, combined with the effects of sand and extreme weather exposure

The use of materials is therefore critical, and we have investigated completely the best solutions available so that your property will withstand these extreme forces

Combinations of exposure grade bricks, shadow line cladding, stone facing and double galvanized steel is effective for presentation

The use of coastal grade treated timbers, roofing irons, flashings and window frames is critical

We even use galvanized nails and screws to ensure even they don’t rust

Designing to utilize all viewpoints, aspects and privacy is essential and as such we take great consideration to the needs of the family in this regard

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